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Q: How do I rent an Executive Suite?

A: That is the good news. Renting an office in one of thousands of Executive Suites is easy. Many offer month-to-month arrangements, or shorter 6 month to 3 year terms. The lease paperwork is straight forward and there are usually few, only small up-front costs and deposits.

Q: How does a Temporary Office Space differ from an Executive Suite?

A: Of course, a Temporary Office Space could refer to any office building rented on a short term basis. But the term Temporary Office Space is sometimes used to describe what we call an Executive Suite.

Q: Is a Shared Office Space the same as an Executive Suite?

A: Yes, Shared Office Spaces and Executive Suites refer to pretty much the same thing. Individual offices inside a larger facility that tenants rent on a monthly or shorter than usual term.

Q: What is an Executive Suite?

A: Well let's start by saying it is like Lodging, such as a Guest Suite in a hotel. Instead, Executive Suites are individual offices located inside larger office facilities. And where the Landlord often provides other services such as telephones, answering, internet, photocopiers and more at additional fees to the tenants. They are sometimes called "shared office spaces" or "temporary office space".

Q: What support services can I expect to find?

A: Support services vary by the location you select. Most offer telephone services, high speed internet, photo copiers, postage, conference rooms & secretarial services. Be sure to ask about signage, furniture rental.

Q: Who qualifies to join the Executive Suite Association?

A: Any landlord who provides individual offices qualifies. Most members will conform to the usual definition of an executive suite meaning they provide reception area, conference rooms, secretarial help and other services such as Internet, postage and more.